Appliances and Safety Devices

Geräte TrinkwasserinstallationAnywhere in the world, the absolute priority for any water regulation is to ensure that any product or appliance installed has protection against potential contamination.

The first step is to ensure that your non-metallic and metallic materials are approved. The 2nd step is to ensure that your product is correctly identified and categorised against the water fluid categories.

Water products are split into 5 different risk categories. These categories then outline the suitable and acceptable protection methods against backflow contamination. The technical safety aspects for each protection method are described in country specific installation and product standards meaning that you may need different protection methods depending on the final installation destination.

It is therefore essential that your products fulfil every country specific safety requirement in order to avoid contamination.

There is a number of methods and guidance notes on complying with backflow protection however with this being an extremely subjective area that is completely open to interpretation, it can be a minefield to get a product approved and accepted. Even the European standards will refer you to local country requirements, so simply following umbrella standards such as EN1717 or standards such as EN61770 doesn’t guarantee that your product will comply.

For this reason, In Compliance work with certifiers, compliance teams, designers and local authorities to minimise the risks in getting your product fully approved and accepted in the market.

Compliance. It's what we do!

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